Alachua County Animal Services shelter over-capacity, waiving adoption fees

Alachua County Animal Services is waiving adoption fees through Saturday to help meet its goal of becoming a no-kill shelter.

Alachua County officials say the animal shelter is so over-capacity that they need people to make an appointment before dropping off an animal.

Animal Services has 70 cats and 80 dogs available for adoption -- you can view them here. The county is waiving adoption fees through Saturday to help find the animals homes and decrease the number that will have to be euthanized.

The department had an 89 percent live release rate last year. Its goal is to become a no-kill facility this year, with a release rate of 90 percent or above.

"Sadly, our shelter continues to be over-capacity," ACAS Shelter Supervisor Jane Grantman said in a statement. "Until we can reduce our shelter population, healthy adoptable animals are at risk for euthanasia. If you are looking to add a companion animal to your family, there is no better time than now to adopt."

People wanting to surrender an animal should first schedule a time by calling (352) 264-6881.

Those wanting to adopt must be 18 or older and provide ID with proof of their address. If there are already pets in the home, you must show proof that those animals are licensed and have been treated for rabies.

For more information you can call ACA at (352) 264-6870.

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