ALICE active shooter response training at Kanapaha Middle School

Active shooter response training

The Alachua County School District is taking action to prepare in the case of an active shooter.

On Tuesday, Alachua County Sheriff's deputies acted as the active shooters roaming around Kanapaha Middle School.

The teachers and administrators learned the ALICE program, or "alert, lock down, inform, counter, and evacuate," and practiced responding to different types of active shooter situations.

"Before there were no decisions to be made, it was lock down and lock the doors and they would stay in their classrooms," said ASO deputy David Brown. "Now we have options for the teachers, to where they can make the best choice for their given situation."

Armed SRO's are at each of the schools in the Alachua County district, but ALICE trains the teachers, should an active shooter get past one of the officers.

"Since Sandy Hook, there's been an excess of 150 school shootings," says Assistant Superintendent Paul White. "We've actually had one here, and one at the university. So we need to have our folks trained."

The Alachua County School District says they plan to continue bringing the ALICE program to more schools and teachers within the district.

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