An inside look: Alachua County Sheriff's Office Warrants Bureau

ASO Warrants Bureau

On any given day, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office has about ten thousand active warrants out for arrests in different cases.

Unlike any other local law enforcement agency, they have an entire team dedicated to serving them.

Every day, investigators in the Warrants Bureau attempt to serve warrants that are considered "high risk," with cases ranging from overdue child support, to homicide or battery.

Lt. David Tuck currently runs the team, and says ASO is the only local agency to dedicate an entire bureau to arrest warrants, which runs under under the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force.

"We've realized the long term benefit behind having a warrants bureau in here. It truly affects the overall crime rate," said Tuck. "If they're not out free to roam around because they're worried about getting caught, they're not out re-offending. And we've realized that over decades."

Todd Card, a ten year investigator on the team, often deals with those repeat offenders. While Card understands each warrant served is a potentially dangerous situation, he said the outcome of the arrest usually reflects the way they handle a case.

"We always try to show people respect from the get go," said Todd. "Unless they go down a path where we have to be a little firmer with them."

The Warrants Bureau works anywhere from a handful to a few dozen arrests each day.

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