Wanted Wednesday: Alachua County Sheriff's deputies searching for Gainesville man


Alachua County Sheriff's deputies are looking for 37-year-old man they say is on the run after failing to in court for felony charges.

They're asking for your help finding Joseph Taylor Jr.

“He is a dangerous person because on multiple occasions he has shown the propensity for violence,” said Sgt. Chris Sims, ASO public information officer.

Authorities say Taylor has been charged with battery by strangulation, aggravated stalking with credible threats and burglary with battery.

“He has made very viable threats to hurt and even kill someone,” Sims said. “He has broken into the homes of previous intimate partners and have offered violence to them.”

Police say Taylor has a long rap sheet.

“Taylor has a very extensive history with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, which resulted in prison sentences on two separate occasions,” says Sgt. Sims.

And police believe he is still in Gainesville.

“He is here in Gainesville, he appears to be a local guy who has ties to Gainesville and not too many ties with any other areas,” says Sgt. Sims. “He is a very dangerous person so we need to get him off the streets.”

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