GPD: Attempted sexual battery suspect arrested

Joshua Taylor

Less than 24 hours after an attempted rape, GPD arrested a suspect.

Gainesville Police say a Joshua Taylor was walking around Kensington South Apartments, knocking on doors and attempting to get in them, around 9:30 Tuesday night.

Officer Ben Tobias said the suspect knocked on one door, and tried to turn the handle at the same time. The victim opened the door, and told police she thought it was her roommate.

"The male immediately pushed her inside, closed the door, pushed her to the ground, and attempted to rape her," said Tobias. He said she then fought back. "I'm so proud of this victim that she was able to fight back bravely in a situation that she found herself in. Not only was she able to fight back, but she was able to fight back in such a way that caused her attacker to flee the area."

Neighbors say the moment the cops were outside their apartment buildings, they knew something was wrong.

"The whole road was blocked off, and they brought a forensics team, and they started going in and collecting evidence, said Kaelin Lahodik. "They said they couldn't tell us much about what was going on."

"I seen a lot of cop cars throughout the driveway in our place," said Travis Colbart. "A little nervous thinking about it. This could have happened to any one of us."

Lahodik said she just moved into the complex three days prior to the attack, and she's concerned. "I thought it was a pretty safe neighborhood, but it kind of scared me a little bit. Especially since I just moved in here, I just moved in for college."

GPD says Taylor is facing attempted sexual battery and burglary charges.

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