Update: Florida officials say I-75 will not shut down for Hurricane Irma


Officials with the Florida Emergency Operations Center on Saturday say I-75 will not be shut down ahead of Hurricane Irma.

The issue came up Friday during the Alachua County Emergency Operations meeting.

Alachua County Emergency Operations Manager John Shaw said many of the people evacuating will not be able to escape the hurricane on time, leaving thousands stranded on the road. It doesn't help that Gainesville is the city with the least amount of gasoline in the entire state.

"I-75 is going to fill our shelter," EOC Chairman Ken Cornell said.

Officials on Friday discussed the possibility that I-75 could shut down.

"At some point the state is going to say that it's unsafe for I-75 to keep moving," Alachua County Spokesman Mark Sexton said Friday. "We want to make sure that people don't hunker down in their cars, so at a certain point wherever you are on I-75, will be steered to shelters all around the state, and certainly, Alachua County is one of those."

Alachua County has set up 12 shelters across the county, and has six more on standby. You can find the list here.

Levy County has also set up shelters.

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