Beat the heat and be prepared for summer


Gainesville has seen more rain than shine lately but the temperatures in Florida are still higher than most states. And with the first of day of summer just hours away, the temperature is only expected to rise. The first thing to consider outside of a full bottle of water is to make sure when you’re going indoors to escape the heat you're cooled by a 'running' air conditioning unit.

Specialists say one of the top things on homeowners to-do list should be to get your units serviced and to clean air filters because it affects the efficiency, the way it operates and it could save a lot of money in the long run.

And if there is an issue with your AC unit "don't try to lower the thermostat down to make it colder," said Lee Eckert with Gator Air & Energy, "The best thing you can do is to turn it off and call a license contractor to come out and have it serviced, because you'll be doing more damage and it will be a bigger expense for the owner to repair."

Richard Schollenberger, owner of Gator Air and Energy says to weigh your options when searching for a contractor. "I'd get three prices and as an owner that's tough to say, but I would get three prices their hourly rate for their technician to come out."

While a unit can last a little over 10 years specialist says it is good to consider a new one after so long.

"It's like a car the more miles you put on it the more problems," Eckert said. "It's a good investment. For a decent unit that's 50% of your electric bill you can save a lot more money on a efficient unit today."

It's best to get your unit checked twice a year, once in the fall for winter and in the spring for summertime.

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