Boys 2 Men; Gainesville mentorship program sends final words to youth


Boys 2 Men is a mentoring program created to influence leadership, good citizenship and an over all better future got young men. The program wrapped up the school year with their end of the year event Tuesday.

The program mentors nearly a hundred kids each year, the program sent their first group of members off to college last year. “Some of those kids basically said thought they would never graduate from high school, Organizer Mike Powell said, because nobody else in their family had.”

Powell says with the recent shooting and violence in the community, now is the perfect time for a positive outlet.

“You know kids need something they can fall back on and feel comfortable about, Powell said. Knowing that someone has my back - I don’t have pick up a gun, I don’t have to be in this situation I don’t have to run with this crew.”

Some of the 8th graders in the program said they have gained more than a brotherhood; learning responsibility, how to keep up their grades, be a leader, and eventually give back to their community like their mentors do.

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