Bradford County sheriff's deputies arrest 'Gravesite Grinch'

Jenni Hudkins.jpg

Bradford County Sheriff's deputies say they've arrested the 'Gravesite Grinch' who has been stealing decorations and memorial items from cemeteries since November.

Deputies charged Jenni Hudkins with multiple counts of dealing in stolen property and removing a monument from a gravesite. She's expected to appear in court Tuesday.

Deputies also arrested and charged Janice Crawford with dealing in stolen property. Deputies say she bought items from Hudkins and hid them when she found out they were stolen, rather than tell detectives. She was released on $25,000 bond.

Deputies are continuing to investigate the thefts and say more charges may be pending.

If you've been a victim you're asked to call Det. Dan Cassani at (904) 966-6161.

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