Springtime means busy bees are everywhere!


It's springtime and bees are busier than ever, pollinating plants and making the earth more colorful.

With about 50,000 bees inside most hives this time of year, they spend their time feeding the young bees and making honey.

It's getting harder for bees to do their jobs, because of the pesticides and chemicals people spray to keep bugs off their lawns and gardens. Local beekeeper Chappie McChesney says this is extremely detrimental. "If you do that you're going to keep everything off that plant, but you're going to kill all the insects, and honeybees are just insects, but they're a beneficial insect."

These chemicals don't just harm the bees collecting the pollen. McChesney explains, "All the different poisons coming in they mix and make different poisons in the hive, and they kill the brood. They don't just kill the baby bees or the brood, it weakens them. So every year, our bees get weaker and weaker and weaker."

When bees get weaker and aren't able to do their jobs, it affects everyone. McChesney says, "Without honey bees, we would lose a large percentage of our food that we eat. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, we enjoy flowers in the trees. Without honey bees, that all goes away."

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