Chiefland Elementary employee arrested after recording in "staff" restrooms


Thirty-four-year-old Roberteus Perez, a former janitor at Chiefland Elementary was arrested and identified as the suspect for placing a number of cameras in staff restrooms.

Police were immediately notified and began investigating. Officers retrieved the camera, reviewed the memory card and found Perez looking into the lens while it was recording. Investigators quickly connected the act to a similar unsolved incident that occurred in 2016. Perez admitted to placing multiple cameras in 'staff' restrooms since then.

Law enforcement officers say they have searched all the restrooms in the school and have not found any cameras in student restrooms. Levy county school board adds security will likely increase.

The investigation is still on going with the identities and number of potential victims unknown. However, the Levy County School Board said they will provide whatever services are needed for staff to overcome this incident.

Perez is suspended without pay and currently in levy county jail on a$700,000 bond.

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