Local operation puts twelve accused child sex predators behind bars:

A dozen accused child sexual predators are off the streets.

Law enforcement agencies including Columbia County Sheriff's Office, FDLE, FBI, Gainesville Police Department, and many others worked to execute a week long sting, called "Operation Cupid's Arrow."

The February investigation revealed 12 alleged child sex predators, accused of speaking with undercover investigators online. Law enforcement say these conversations happened through social media platforms, chat rooms, texting, and online dating sites, in an effort to solicit, seduce, and lure children.

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter says, "The good book tells us that we are supposed to protect our children and take care of our elderly. And in law enforcement that's one of the things we really take to heart. I have a special place in my heart about children. Anyone that wants to harm a child, I will go after them with everything we've got."

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says it's important for parents to monitor their children's use of the internet, to make sure they know who their children are talking to.

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