Counterfeit money- so good, fooling detector pens

Counterfeit money- so good, fooling detector pens

Dunnellon Police are warning people and businesses about an increase in counterfeit bills. Police say they're so good, they can even fool the detector pens you see in many stores.

"It's a very good counterfeiting job, they have put a lot of effort into this," Chief Mike McQuaig said as he was holding the bill into the light.

McQuaig said they have received about 11 of them. The best way to detect the bills is to look for the micro-printing , watermark portraits and the color shifting ink that turns from green to black when tilted.

Richard Schreff, owner of Hometown Auto Mart recently received a counterfeit bill.

"Small businesses can really get hurt by this, they need to look at the bill carefully," Schreff said.

Schreff said in 13 years of working, he didn't worry about this up until now. "What we're doing is keeping the receipt with the payment and we are putting them into the bank one at a time, just until this blows over," he said.

His business isn't the only one affected. Chief McQuaig released pictures of two men, in their early 20's, he suspects passed fake bills at another local business. They're driving what appears to be a dark blue sedan.

Police say if you've seen any of these fake bills, please contact your local secret service field office.

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