Crash Survivors Meet Good Samaritan Who Saved Them

After a multi-vehicle car crash, a Good Samaritan stopped to help a family trapped inside their car. For weeks, the family tried to track this man down. Finally, they were able to find him...

Colton Jones was driving on I-75, when he witnessed a horrifying sight. Jones recalls, "I was just paying attention to the road and I saw this collision up ahead of me. And then I saw Mr. Hodges's Jeep just start flipping down the middle of the interstate. And the first thing that I thought to myself, is this isn't happening right now."

For still unknown reasons, Slate Hodges and his two little boys, Liam and Lucas, were involved in a multi-vehicle rollover collision with a semi truck. Colton says, "I was almost certain of what I was going to find, when I got to him. And I got to the Jeep, and the Jeep was lying on it's side, and Mr. Hodges was unconscious."

Lucky for the family, Jones is a registered nurse at UF Health, in his scrubs and on his way to work, when he saw the accident. He stopped to help, and was able to pull the two trapped boys out of the backseat.

In a tearful reunion at UF Health, the Hodges family was finally about to thank their mystery Good Samaritan. Slate Hodges held back tears, and said, "Today I met a hero, my hero, for the first time. He took care of my babies, my little boys. I don't know any other way to say it. It's pretty emotional for me because they're the most important things in the world to me. And he helped take care of them, when I couldn't."

Recovering from severe head trauma and a broken should is a journey, but one made a little easier knowing his two boys are safe, thanks to one Good Samaritan.

*The Hodges family is looking for any information about the cause of the crash. Anyone who witnessed the accident is asked to contact the CBS4 Newsroom.

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