Outreach organizations speak out on Gainesville's recent domestic homicide


A recent suspected domestic violence homicide has advocates searching for more ways to prevent incidents like this from happening. CBS4 Reporter Brooke Rayford spoke with a local outreach organization about 'their' search for answers.

Advocates say domestic violence rates have dropped over the last 10 years. Organizations like Peaceful Paths have been working with law enforcement to protect women and men to prevent tragedies like this homicide, but they say these cases are still all too common in Florida.

Many signs go unrecognized leading to about 1 point 3 million women as victims of physical assault. A homicide murder is really the only crime "that's both predictable and preventable if the community if really watching the signs," Dr. Theresa Beachy the Executive Director of Peaceful Paths says. She added the first step should also be to call the help line.

"Only about four percent of domestic homicide victims have connections with the center," Dr. Beachy says. "It's the highest protection we can have, which is why we're so dedicated to making sure that our law enforcement and other community partners have a way to refer victims to us."

For more information on how to protect yourself or a loved one you can visit

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