Drug Related Crimes on the Rise in Levy County


The Levy County Sheriff's Office is working with the U.S. Marshal's Office to get more criminals behind bars for drug related crimes.

Lt. Scott Tummond says, "The drugs drive the property crimes, the property crimes drive the drug users, and it's just a vicious vicious circle."

In the Inglis area, three drug related arrests have been made in the past week. Law enforcement tracked down Jason Adams, a man wanted for three outstanding arrest warrants and an ongoing robbery investigation. The arrest of Adams led officials to arrest Kristi Hudak and Michael Samples on outstanding warrants as well.

Yankeetown neighbor Dara McGill is troubled by the drug related crime she's been hearing about. McGill says, "I"m sad to hear that, you know it's something our whole country is dealing with. Not just Yankeetown, Inglis, Levy County, Citrus County. It's all over and it's a shame."

One local, Chuck Pickett, says he has seen drug deals right in Inglis, and tries to stop them. Pickett explains, "When they get to where they're doing a deal. I just pick up my camera and do like this. Although I don't take a picture, they'll look up, see it, and they will then move from here to somewhere else."

The Sheriff's Office is asking anyone to report crimes like this to the Levy County Crime Stoppers at 877-349-8477.

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