Family seeks help in Gainesville after multiple surgeries; expenses increase


It's been more than a month and a Florida man has already undergone nine surgeries. Family and friends have traveled here from across the country to provide as much support as possible but the cost is adding up.

Bill and Shirley Stewart made their way from Perry to Gainesville so he could undergo a double bypass surgery. But what they thought would be a quick recovery suddenly turned upside down.

Shortly after Bill's surgery he began having an allergic reaction to a blood thinner causing him to have a number of medical procedures. As the surgeries increase, so are the bills.

For one month the family paid about $3,000 for a hotel room -- with the hospital discount. The family is searching for a temporary, pet-friendly home after the wife, Shirley, and other loved ones have spent nearly two months at a hotel.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page.

The Stewart family says they are overwhelmingly grateful for North Florida Regional Medical Center and their staff support for the family.

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