Police: Gainesville man charged with attempted murder after gun jams

Nyjuan Waller. Photo courtesy of Alachua County Jail.

A jammed gun may have saved a Gainesville man's life.

Gainesville police on Thursday arrested a man they say pointed the gun at the victim's head from about three feet away and squeezed the trigger twice. An incident report released Friday says the gun malfunctioned twice but fired a third time as the victim ran away unscathed.

Nyjuan B. Waller, 21, is charged with attempted murder in connection with the April 12th incident.

Police say it happened at 8:16 p.m. at 4131 SW 17th Place.

Witnesses told police the victim was sitting in a chair when Waller walked up, said something to him and pointed the gun, according to the report.

They say the victim started running after the second misfire and Waller gave chase but missed when the gun finally fired.

Police recovered a shell casing at the scene. They say the victim identified Waller in a photo lineup.

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