Gainesville Police locate another gas pump credit card skimmer

Gas pump skimmers

Gas pump skimmers are becoming all too common, even in Gainesville.

Gainesville Police Department organized "Operation Clean Sweep" on Thursday. Detectives inspected pumps at gas stations around the city, with the Florida Department of Agriculture.

"It's a growing problem," said GPD detective Matt Goeckel. "We try to stay on top of it as much as we can because we're talking millions of dollars of loss every year."

When agencies crack down and remove skimmers from certain stations, the scam artists move.

"They used to be stations that were closer to the interstate, and it's not anymore," said Goeckel. "It's city wide. We've found them all over."

The Department of Agriculture discovered a new skimmer at the Texaco gas station on the corner of Waldo Road and 16th Ave. Detectives say it was controlled by Bluetooth technology, which means the way criminals are stealing information is changing.

For one Gainesville resident, the operation was enough to make him think twice about how he pays for gas.

"You know, that scares me, that really scares me," said Wilton De Los Santos. "From now on I'm going to try to do cash, because I'm afraid somebody will steal my information and stuff."

GPD said there is no way to find out who has been compromised, so the agency is encouraging anyone who visited this gas station lately to check their bank account.

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