Gainesville Police: Shooting victim sent dad ominous text days before her death

Homicide case

On June 24th, Eukelia Davis sent her father a text that read, "If something ever happens to me, Pablo J. Johnson ... did it! I love u."

Five days later Davis was found dead on the bedroom floor of a Gainesville apartment. Pablo Johnson, her 51-year-old boyfriend, has been charged with first-degree murder.

The details of the text, which also included Johnson's birth date and photo, were detailed in a Gainesville police report released Friday. In it, investigators say Johnson told investigators he shot Davis during an argument. "It happened so fast," the report quotes Johnson as saying.

Police first learned something was wrong around 1:20 p.m. Thursday when dispatchers received a call from a mental health counselor who said Johnson called told them he "got into a fight with a female and she has not moved since last night."

Officers responded to the apartment at 2841 SW 37th Place. When they couldn't contact the victim they went inside the apartment and found Davis on the bedroom floor. A gun was next to her.

Police found Johnson at the VA Hospital in Gainesville. An employee there told officers he heard Johnson telling someone on the phone that he had hurt someone, the report says.

During questioning, investigators say Johnson told them he and Davis had been dating for four years and their relationship had become increasingly violent. (Gainesville police had been called to their apartment in 2016 when Davis told officers Johnson had threatened to shoot her.)

According to the report, Johnson told investigators Davis struck him in the eyebrow with an unknown object so he told her to leave and she grabbed his bag.

The report says Johnson stopped at that point and asked for an attorney but then, without prompting from investigators, Johnson told them "It happened so fast. It just happened so fast."

The report says Davis was shot three times, one in each arm and in the center of her back. The gun was fired at least eight times.

Police say Johnson never claimed self-defense and they believe it was premeditated.

He's being held without bond at the Alachua County Jail.

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