Gainesville police searching for man who pointed gun at officer, investigating shots fired


Two incidents involving guns triggered the University of Florida alert system early Friday morning.

The first involved shots fired outside of a club and a suspect pointed a gun at an officer in the second incident. Police say they're still investigating whether the incidents are related.

They say it all started around 1:45 a.m., when they responded to a large fight in the parking lot west of Club Rain. Witnesses told officers a black male walked up with a handgun and fired several shots into the air, scattering the crowd.

Police say they pulled over one of the cars that sped away but determined the people inside were not involved. Police say other witnesses said they saw a man drop a gun at 200 SW 1st St. and then left in a white vehicle.

Officers say there are no shooting victims and no suspects.

Officers found two guns and a spent shell casing. One of the guns was found on the sidewalk near Loosey's bar on NW 2nd Street. Officers say the gun was stolen during a car break-in last year.

A short while later, officers responded to a complaint about loud music coming from a car behind the Kava Lounge. Officers say they say one of the men inside pull something out of his shirt and put it under the seat.

Police say the officer told the man to get out of the car and asked him if it was a gun or drugs. They say the suspect acted nervous and asked why the officer would assume it was a gun.

When the officer walked around the car to get a better look, police say the man dove back into the car and grabbed a gun from beneath the seat.

Police say the man pointed the gun at the officer, got out of the vehicle and ran away. Officers surrounded the area but couldn't find the suspect, who is described as a black male with long dreadlocks and gold teeth.

Officers say they learned the suspect may have boarded a city bus at 1200 SW 2nd Avenue and got off at Rosa Parks Station.

Police say they may have developed a lead into the man's identity.

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