Gainesville's Basketball Cop helps local teen start a business

Gainesville's Basketball Cop helps local teen start a business

Basketball Cop is at it again! He's known for helping kids in the neighborhood and gaining their trust, but this time Officer Bobby White has helped someone to a whole new level. He is helping a 16-year-old boy start his first business.

Officer White said he has been trying to keep James Edwards on the right track for a while.

"After knowing him a little bit we had a little bit of a misunderstanding, a bad night one night... he felt bad about it and apologized to me later," White said.

Officer white said the next time he saw Edwards was an early Sunday morning with a rake in hand.

"He says he goes around the neighborhood and rakes some yards for $15 a yard trying to save up for a cell phone and make some business cards which I thought was really cool for a 16 year old to do," he said.

Officer white loved that Edwards was trying to make something of himself, so he took a photo of him to promote his services and the picture went viral.

"The response was unbelievable people from all over the country were offering to help, they wanted to buy him business cards and make him a logo," White said.

A business man from Indiana even shipped Edwards a brand new Iphone 6s so he can boost his clientele.

"It's my first iphone," Edwards said.

A long with that, Officer White has provided him with some essentials, a brand new ride with some tools to get him started.

"A lot of these kids they really just need someone to believe in them and give them an opportunity and if I'm able to do it I'm going to do it every chance I get," White said.

Edwards said this will teach him responsibility. "I'm feeling good right now. I'm glad God blessed me," Edwards said. He said after making enough money he wants to go to college and become a police officer just like Officer White.

"He's a good role model, a great role model," Edwards said.

Officer White said beyond just giving him this new stuff, he is going to continue to push him to be better everyday.

"I want to share some of that knowledge with him. Building relationships with these customers and who knows maybe one day he'll have a pick up truck with a trailer full of lawn tools and he has a full on business. See if we can make something sustainable for him," White said.

Until James gets his own business Facebook page, Officer White said you can contact him through the Baketball Cop Foundation page in order to get services from him.

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