Gainesville's first medical marijuana dispensary opens Friday

The inside of Knox Medical Dispensary on Archer Road. (WGFL)

You will soon be able to buy medical marijuana here in Gainesville.

Knox Medical, a medical marijuana dispensary based in Winter Garden, is opening its doors on Archer Road Friday.

“It's a cross between retail and a medical office feel to it," owner Bruce Knox said. "But it’s warm and inviting but yet it has that clean, modern feel to it.”

The company sells cannabis to patients with prescriptions. It comes in two forms: a vapor cartridge and a sublingual drop.

"Our CBD Oil stems from the plant cannabis. It has gone through a rigorous testing and extraction process," Founder José Hidalgo said. "There are no pesticides."

Florida voters approved Amendment 2 in November, legalizing medical marijuana for people with specific debilitating diseases or conditions.

"I think the people spoke loudly in November that over 71 percent said they wanted medical cannabis in the state of Florida," Knox said.

It also opened the door for Knox Medical to spread across the state.

"Gainesville, we think, is going to be a very good market for us," Knox said. "It kind of fits into the demographic we're looking for. Orlando is just around the corner. We do have more stores. There's six more stores in various states of construction around the state."

The dispensary opens Friday at 11 a.m.

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