Gator football team practices scooter safety after player injured in accident

Gator football team

Gator football coach Jim McElwain and his team are bringing attention to the dangers of riding scooters, about a month after one of his players was injured in a scooter accident.

Recovering Gator TJ McCoy spoke publicly for the first time since he and his girlfriend were injured in the hit and run.

"It was very scary. You know I wasn't really worried about myself, I was worried about my girlfriend, and making sure she was okay," said McCoy. "I just want to thank God that you know I'm still here, because there's a lot of people who got hit from a scooter or motorcycle and they unfortunately lost their lives."

Coach McElwain said a program had been in the works for awhile, as scooter accidents are far too common around campus.

"It's a huge concern," McElwain said. "It's how people get around and whether you like it or dislike it, it's part of the fabric of the University of Florida. So let's go ahead and do some education on it, and that's what we're doing here today."

On Wednesday afternoon, local police spoke to the team about defensive driving, and safety precautions to take before getting on the road.

The students also had a chance to practice driving the scooters, and test out the new helmets McElwain bought for the entire team.

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