Gatornationals Week Begins


It's the week of the 48th annual Gatornationals, and people passing the corner of 13th and University got quite the early show from a Gatornationals race car.

In a demonstration, a racing team started the engine and rebuilt the car.

Local Gatornationals driver Terry McMillen says, "It's more than just a car driving down the track at a fast speed. What you're seeing behind me today, is that my guys, we started the car up about 15 minutes ago. And my guys have totally taken the car apart, they've totally taken everything out of the motor."

The races are held at the Gainesville Raceway Thursday through Sunday, and a live gator will be at McMillen's pit, where people can take pictures with it.

McMillen's friend Tim Williams came up with the idea. Williams explains, "I said, hey if you want a gator at your pits I'll bring a gator out there. He went come on! So we started from that, and now it's grown to where in the last five six years everyone's expecting to see Izzy the gator."

Anyone looking to meet Izzy the gator, and go to any of the races can get tickets and information from

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