GPD Honors Fallen Lieutenant 10 Years After Line of Duty Death


Ten years ago, GPD Lt. Corey Dahlem was tragically killed in the line of duty.

Dahlem was struck by a drunk driver while working a UF Championship celebration.

However, instead of focusing on how he died, his wife, Sally Dahlem, wants to focus on how he lived. Sally Dahlem says, "He would go to the school and eat lunch with kids, and especially children that didn't have fathers in their lives. He knew that he could encourage them just by eating lunch with them at the lunch table, and ask them if they did their homework, just things like that. He tried to make a difference wherever he could."

Fellow officers at GPD took time to speak to Lt. Dahlem's wife and children on Tuesday. Officer Ben Tobias says, "Anyone that spent more than ten seconds with Lt. Dahlem, was touched by him. I've told this to the family many times, and I know the Chief has as well - we will never forget Corey and we will never forget you."

GPD announced Tuesday that they have chosen to introduce a new award after Dahlem, called the Lt. Corey "Spoon" Dahlem Mentorship Award. The award will recognize the employee who best embodies the qualities of the fallen Lt. Each year, the winner of the award will be selected by the Dahlem family.

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