GPD K9 Demo Kicks Off The Amazing Give

K9 Demo

Gainesville Police Department is looking to hire two new K9's, but they need help.

The department has established a foundation where people can donate, to help cover the approximately $8,000 price tag on each of these dogs.

Cpt. Jorge Campos is excited about the new Gainesville Police Foundation. Campos says, "There are a lot of police agencies throughout the country that have foundations and do similar things. One of the most notorious ones is with the NYPD, others, like Los Angeles, have these foundations, and we're really excited to get one off the ground here at the Gainesville Police Department."

For the first time, they're participating in The Amazing Give, the 24 hour giving drive for charities in Gainesville. To kickstart the event, they held a K9 demonstration, explaining what the dogs are used for, and what it takes to train these invaluable resources to the agency.

K9 Unit Supervisor Sgt. Brad Litchfield says, "They do jobs that no one else can do, they do jobs that we can do but they do it better, and they do it a lot quicker and safer for us."

The Gainesville Police Foundation is just one of almost 80 organizations in this year's event, and they managed to raise $2,530 towards the K9 unit.

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