GPD Reminds Uber Users of Safety Tips


Need a ride? Uber is in 574 cities, including Gainesville.

Many people use the app frequently, without any issue. However, after one woman's suspicious encounter over the weekend, police are warning people to be cautious when getting in the car with strangers.

GPD Officer Ben Tobias says, "We got a call from a woman who said that she had used Uber to get a vehicle. And another vehicle driven by a middle aged female came to the area, said that she was her driver, but couldn't provide her name or anything that we're used to when an Uber driver picks us up."

There have been similar local cases, but police say there is not much they can do. Tobias explains, "One of the things that Uber is very restrictive on sharing information with anyone, and very restrictive on sharing information with law enforcement, unless there is criminal activity."

Officers say before getting in an Uber, you should check for the Uber sticker, confirm the license plate number and make of the car, and get your drivers name. Tobias says, "Uber through the app will let you know what car to expect, and what driver to expect. Most of the drivers that I have experienced will actually say your name. That way there is a two way connection, they understand that they're here to pick you up as well."

The best way to handle situations like these is to be proactive. Uber includes more safety tips for riders and driver on their website,

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