High Springs PD host active shooter training


While students are on spring break, law enforcement and administrators are learning ways to protect civilians in a worst-case scenario. The High Springs Police Department hosted a training to better prepare citizens in case of an active shooter event.

Alert, lock down, inform, counter, and evacuate- also known as "ALICE" is a training program created to teach citizens how to handle an active shooter in the short time before law enforcement arrives. Participants join a 2-day training to then return to their place of work to teach occupants of the buildings what to do to stay alive. Authorities say "ALICE" tactics are a better way to protect civilians versus the traditional lock down method; turning off the lights and hiding in the corner until given further instruction.

High Springs School Resource Officer, Larry Downing says the traditional routine has been proven ineffective on numerous occasions. "It's showing when you hide in a corner you're just waiting to be killed." He says learning these tactics are eye-opening, "learning the new concepts of how to barricade, knowing you can evacuate (strategically and safely), knowing how to counter if need do not have to just sit in the corner and (potentially) get shot."

During training officers and administrators participated in a number of active shooter scenarios, and more than 50% were shot using the lock down method. George Hunter, the "ALICE" instructor said, " knowing what you can do to increase your is a life changing event. And to know that the techniques will set off the attackers attention span is invaluable."

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