Human Remains found in Chiefland

Homicide Investigation

A search for a missing person ends in a homicide investigation, after a body has been found in Chiefland.

Lt. Tummond, Public Information Officer for the Levy County Sheriff's Office, says, "It started several days ago, with concerned friends and family members down in Palmetto where they hadn't heard from her for several days."

Authorities in Manatee County and Palmetto County began searching for Tricia Freeman. Over the weekend, police in Kentucky found Freeman's car, abandoned and with human blood inside.

Investigators attained arrest warrants for Freeman's daughter, Kayla Colyer, and Colyer's boyfriend, Roy Nichols, who they believed stole the car. Once under arrest, police say Nichols confessed to killing Freeman, and then with the help of Colyer, transporting her body to Chiefland, where Nichols and Colyer used to live.

The Levy County Sheriff's Office says the body they found was in a shallow grave, no more than 2-3 underground.

Family friends in Chiefland say they don't believe what they're hearing. Carlton Scott says, "I more so believe it was her, and actually pushing him up to doing it. He was really in love with her so whatever she would tell him to do, he would do. So no, I don't believe he would do it."

Regardless of the outcome of the case, it's difficult for friends to process. Venisa Scott says the ordeal is, "...very emotional, very sad, because you never know what a person is going through. So just, very sad day. Just prayers for the family, both families, it's just sad."

Nichols is facing a second degree murder charge, and Colyer is facing a charge of accessory to murder after the fact. The couple is set to be extradited back to Florida.

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