Stolen car crashes into Cross City City Hall, locals question increase in crime


One crime after another, Dixie County residents say they don't feel safe in their tight knit community. Tuesday morning multiple people woke up to their cars missing. More than five car thefts and burglaries happened over night - with one crashing into Cross City city hall.

"From what I've heard this is is something that's been happening a lot...we live in a small town where stuff like this didn't happen."

The owner of the truck smashed into city hall had another car stolen from her home before recognizing the truck was missing.

"I got a telephone call wanting to know where mt car was," Wilma Riels said. "I told them on the carport. She said no, it's parked down here. Right around the corner, and I found my car against the telephone pole."

A relative of Riels also had their car stolen from home and severely damaged after being driven on an old railroad track.

There were nine car thefts in 2015, and Dixie County Sheriff's Office says the recent trend looks to be higher than the past.

"This normally doesn't happen," Major Scott Harden said. "We've had more car thefts in the last three weeks than we've had in the last 3 weeks than in the last year, I think."

Locals say the suspects are coming from their community and the unusual activity has to stop.

If you have any information on the recent car thefts or burglaries, please contact Dixie County Sheriff's Office.

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