Lake City residents ask for medical marijuana dispensary

Just a few months ago Gainesville welcomed it's first medical marijuana dispensary. Now, Lake City residents hope to do the same. About a dozen residents united at the Columbia County commissioners meeting Thursday hoping to make things easier.

Locals say they've been asking for medical marijuana dispensaries for months. The closest locations to lake city are in Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Gainesville.

"Some people don't have a means of transportation," Kyle Green a Lake City resident says. "I myself don't really and for me to go to a different city or county just to get my medicine that I can get here legally recommended by a doctor, that's not right I should have it here."

Aside from from a distant drive, patients say the price has also been a headache and a local dispensary could create revenue for the city.

While majority of the residents at the meeting were in favor of local dispensaries, some say it could make matters worse.

"One of our concerns is because there is already so much drug activity in Columbia County," Lake City resident, Luca Harvey says. "And these dispensaries are only going to make it worse. it's like a flashing neon sign - go ahead and use it we're alright with it."

The board directed the county attorney to prepare amendments to the land development regulations to treat medical marijuana dispensaries as pharmacies as provided under the statue.

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