Missing Hernando County man possibly found in Paynes Prairie

A month after a Hernando county man goes missing, there is some possible closure for his family. Thirty-year-old Paul Marvella, a delivery driver, first went missing in mid-January after making a drop-off to a medical examination company in Jacksonville. After weeks of searching, investigators may have located Marvella's body.

Early Tuesday afternoon right off I-75 onto Paynes Prairie, Alachua county sheriff's office joined Florida Highway Patrol to retrieve a body they believe to be Paul Marvella. January 15th was when Marvella was reported missing and his vehicle was located shortly after, when FHP got involved in the crash.

After the SUV was found an intense search for the body began but eventually the search was cancelled. The Marvella family had to request permission from the Florida Department of Transportation. It took weeks for FDT to approve for them to search the area again, once they were allowed permission Friday, the family hired a private company to search the body Tuesday and within minutes, a body was found.

FHP was unable to confirm if the body was Paul Marvella, but did say the body they recovered was wearing the clothing reported when he went missing. The body was transported to medical examiners for the body to be identified.

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