Motorists allowed to use left shoulder on parts of I-75 north, under certain conditions

Cars drive on the left shoulder of I-75 north near Gainesville Friday. (WGFL)

Florida highway officials say its OK for motorists heading north on I-75 between the Wildwood exit and the Georgia State Line, under certain conditions.

Authorities say the limited emergency shoulder use plan was put in place on I-75 to help with evacuations out of South Florida. No other state roads are approved.

The Highway Patrol says motorists should only use the left shoulder when directed by law enforcement and highway signs. They're encouraged to use extreme caution while doing so, and to travel at 40 mph or less. Driving on the right shoulder is not permitted.

Authorities say they do not plan to reverse the southbound lanes because they say those lanes are needed to take supplies to shelters in the southern part of the state. They say it also interferes with emergency vehicles from reaching people in need.

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