PACE visits PK Yonge for annual 'Girls Rock Rally'


Every day the "PACE Center for Girls" encourages young women to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. PACE Alachua hosted a Girls Rock Rally Wednesday to continue celebrating the "'awesomeness' of being a girl"!

For the third year, the organization held their rally- this year at PK Yonge. From elementary to high school, girls came together with pride representing PACE's mission; to assist in bettering their future through education, counseling and over all life.

Executive Director, Natalya Bannister said "with everything going on in society it is important to keep highlighting that girls rock. We have a lot of power and we need to celebrate that," starting at a young age.

PACE honored Willie Powers, a PACE substitute teacher and PK Yonge girls basketball coach with the Trailblazer award for all his service. He said he couldn't be more honored. He says he's seen girls come in "having a hard time to leaving and being very successful," following the center's focus to help all girls who are having a little trouble in their life and need a extra push to get them to the next level.

Sixteen year old Malinda Kimbrough, a PACE student was diagnosed with diabetes some years back that unfortunately caused her to miss multiple days of school, holding her back academically. She says thanks to PACE, she is on the right track and has another family outside of home.

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