Party for the Planet

Party for the Planet

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is celebrating Earth Day a little early this year.

Conservation Specialist Jade Salamone says the zoo is bringing attention to all of the animals that need saving. Salmone says, "That word conservation gets thrown around all the time. I mean it's really put in front of everything. But really we want to create a world where future generations can enjoy it and appreciate it. That's one thing we consider our mission. It's really hard to care about and do something about an animal that you don't love yet."

The zoo is hosting "Party for the Planet," an event meant to bring early awareness to Earth Day.

Student zookeeper Steve Fosselman says, "It's an opportunity for the community to get a hands on look about what we do. We have animal encounters, we have training demonstrations, we have crafts, pretty much anything for any age, to come here and get the opportunity to connect on a personal level."

This is a nationwide zoo event, but Santa Fe is making it their own. Zoo Director Jonathan Miot says, "We really focus on the conservation efforts that we are doing here at the zoo. I think a lot of the community doesn't understand how much we as a zoo and as a facility do for conservation, and how much we support wildlife and wild places. This is our opportunity to show that off for the community."

Party for the Planet will be held on April 1st and 2nd from 9-2 at The Santa Fe Teaching Zoo.

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