Purs and Tales- kids reading to a furry audience

Summer reading program

Purs and Tales is a summer reading program at the Humane Society for kids ages 5-13.

Readers are encouraged to practice out loud to the adoptable cats.

Sarah Maclennan with the humane society said the cats provide a non-judgmental audience for the readers. "The ones that are working on their skills can have that calm environment so they don't have to worry about any pressure from their peers, parents or their teachers that's listening or judging their reading skills," said Maclennan.

10-year-old Meadow Parker likes to read to the cats because she feels they are really listening to her story.

It may be an unusual way to practice but employees at the humane society have seen the difference it's made.

"We see a lot of shy kids coming in who maybe don't want to talk at first but then they come into the cat room and the cat comes and sits on their lap and it de-stresses them and they feel more comfortable reading to the cat and opening up a little bit," said Maclennan.

It's mornings and afternoons spent with a furry audience that makes it especially enjoyable for the kids learning to read and practicing their reading skills.

Xiola Parker attending the program talks about how this has helped her. "Making sure you have the right volume not to harshly loud but not too quiet," said Parker.

The program runs Monday-Wednesday from 10:15-11 and 4:15-5 and may continue through the fall.

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