RADKIDS summer camp at University of Florida shows kids how to defend themselves

A child fights off an attacker during an exercise during the RADKIDS summer camp program at the University of Florida.

The annual RADKIDS summer camp at the University of Florida is teaching self-defense and live-saving skills to children ages 5 through 12.

Police officers and volunteers teach the students how to escape from a violent attack, as well as CPR and first-aid.

After just three days, officials say the kids have the confidence to stay safe no matter the situation.

“You know, prior to this class, kids come in to class and if you were to touch them or grab them or try to abduct them they’d be panicking," UF Officer John Savona said. "After the third day they are like, ‘I dare you touch me’ when you go to grab them, so their confidence level shoots up the second and third day. It’s an awesome class."

You can find more details at UFPD's website.

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