Students take RTS safety to another level after UF student death

UF students say they are being extra cautious when taking public transportation, after a student was killed while waiting at a bus stop. Seventy-five percent of Regional Transit System riders are students and faculty. And officials are saying whether you are sitting or standing- 'stay aware'.

Local students say after the recent incident they are being more careful. One student says he's stopped sitting on the bus stop bench because of the incident, and feels others should take the precaution of sitting or standing further back.

RTS Communications Supervisor, Chip Skinner explained some safety procedures to consider when waiting for the bus. "If you're reading a book make sure you're scanning your surroundings. If you have earbuds in, have one earbud out so you can hear something coming. Because someone may have lost control of their vehicle or they be impaired. You have to be aware of your setting at all times, not just at the bus stop."

All bus stops follow the Florida Department of Transportation standards. The distance between the street and the bus stop are based on the speed limit, so the higher the speed zone the further away the bench or pavilion. And RTS says their number one concern is safety and to always be aware, as simple as looking both ways before crossing the street.

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