UF working to get Al Roker to campus for #Rokerthon

Albert and Alberta want another "Al" to join their group! Al Roker that is...

Colleges around the country are showing off their school spirit, and trying to get Al Roker to do the weather from their campus.

UF is submitting a video to this year's Rokerthon, asking Al to come to campus to break a Guinness World Record with the students.

The video says, "The University of Florida is a place where students study, work, and play in the sunshine state all year round. Makes sense since we are the flagship university in the sunshine state. The Gator nation's amazing school spirit is second to none, and that is why Al Roker should look no further than the University of Florida here in gorgeous Gainesville for the place to shoot his weather forecast."

"When Al Roker comes to campus we will be attempting to create a Guinness World Record for shooting the most basketball freethrows in a swimming pool. Florida is a great basketball school, and our Exactech arena has a new indoor pool. Since our great college town of Gainesville enjoys an average high temperature of 66 degrees, in November we can guarantee a great turnout of students who want to show off the playful nature of the college experience here."

"As we Gators like to say, in all kinds of weather, we all stick together, for F-L-O-R-I-D-A. Come visit our neck of the woods, and warm up here at The University of Florida. Go Gators!"

If you'd like to help UF get attention from Roker and the Today Show, share their video with the hashtag #Rokerthon.

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