Three of Five Suspects in Antonio Mason Murder Case in Police Custody

Homicide Arrests

Five suspects have been identified in the Antonio Mason murder case. Three have been arrested, and two are still on the loose, considered to be armed and dangerous.

Last July, Gainesville Police say four men stormed into the home at 820 NW 4th Place and opened fire. Antonio Mason was killed while holding his infant daughter in his arms. The four year old had been struck by a bullet in the arm, but did survive.

On Tuesday, GPD identified five suspects in the shooting, and announced the arrest of three.

Jacoby Sheffield and Daryl Wilkerson, two suspects in the murder, were brought into the Alachua County Jail today. GPD says a third suspect, Jamal Thompson, was caught in Georgia and will be extradited to Alachua County.

Mason's neighbor, and friend of the Mason family, Tracie Davis, was right across the street on the night of the shooting. Davis remembers, "I was like afraid because I live across the street from where the gentleman got murdered at. So today, knowing that they got caught and everybody is in jail I feel more comfortable living on this street."

Another neighbor, James Monroe, says even months after the shooting, the arrest of these men is great news for their neighborhood. Monroe says, "A lot safer, you just know that crime happens everywhere, but just to know that the police can still do what they got to do and catch suspects, at least it makes it better for the family members and loved ones."

Police are still searching for David Lock and Rodney Sheffield. GPD says the first four men were promised money by Rodney Sheffield to retrieve "stolen money" back from someone he believe lived at Mason's address. GPD determined that this was not the case; Mason was never the man they were looking for.

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