UberEATS launches in Gainesville


There's now another way to get food, fast -- without leaving your house or the workplace.

Thursday UberEATS joined Bite Squad and 352 Delivery in the food delivery business, but not everyone is worried about the growing competition.

Gainesville is the 4th city in Florida to welcome the service. General Manager Juan Pablo Restrepo of UberEATS says it "opens access to new economic opportunities", but Owner of Gainesville's 352 Delivery, Jeremiah Loper says local restaurants won't make much profit with UberEATS.

"Uber is coming into town wanting over 30% of the restaurants", Loper says. "That means they literally don't make any money, they lose money on every order they take. So from a marketing standpoint, maybe that will work for them. But it doesn't make for a lot of local business owners."

352 Delivery has been in business going on four years. Loper says they'll soon learn it's not them same market as the metropolitan areas.

"It's college students and they're not going to spend a lot of money for one meal. When you have a $20 minimum and you want to charge people $8 for delivery - not a lot of people are going to go for that."

UberEATS does have a standard delivery fee of $4.99 and has partnered with more than 50 restaurants in the city.

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