UF doctor studying baseball injuries among high school players

Baseball season is here, and high school coaches have new rules in place to help prevent overuse injuries common in pitchers.

Injuries from pitching have been increasing over the last few years. Typically these injuries are seen at the professional level, but are now being seen at the college and even high school levels. A UF sports medicine doctor is working on a new study, to find out how many pitches high school players are throwing, and how that number correlates to injuries.

Dr. Jason Zaremski, who is heading the study, explains, "In the last few years, there's been a lot of regulations of limiting the amount of pitching that folks can do at certain age levels."

Zaremski says these new regulations might not be an accurate judge of the amount of pitches actually thrown. "We found that innings restrictions really aren't a good marker of rest and use. What happens is, you could have one inning and have a very good inning and throw five pitches, or you could have a horrible inning and throw 30 pitches." Plus, warm up pitches and bullpen pitches are not counted.

Zaremski is working on a new study aimed to find out exactly how many pitches high school players are throwing. Zaremski says, "The hope is we use this data for future studies to say, can we train our pitchers differently? Is there ways that we can maybe train them better in the off season, and prevent injuries during the season."

UF Health says the study is expected to be completed by the end of the 2107 baseball season.

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