University of Florida students demo safe, smart high-tech projects

Smart Tech

The University of Florida has announced a new Institute for the design, testing, and development of safer electronic devices. On Wednesday, more than a dozen teams of students and professors showcased their smart technology.

One presenter, electrical engineer professor Bill Eisenstadt, says, "My project is about putting IOT (Internet of Things) weather stations in Haiti, for supporting local agriculture and for improving basically the crop yield, and the farmers. To add sustainability to the population so they can feed themselves."

Each project serves a different purpose, but is rooted in the same idea of technology that is less vulnerable to hacking.

Dean of the UF College of Engineering, Cammy Abernathy, says, "The institute is designed to bring together all of our expertise in sensors, cloud computing, networks, and security, and help us design IoT (Internet of Things) systems with security built in from the beginning."

The College of Engineering says the technology they want to make safer are every day items like thermostats, baby cameras, and refrigerators.

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