UPDATE: Missing plane near Cedar Key found


A plane that disappeared over a week ago with a Brooksville family on board has finally been found along with a second traveler. The search that began on February 12th, however, is still underway with one passenger left to be found.

Sunday the 19th, Levy County partnered with private companies and we able to locate 65-year-old Hue Singletary. The first body found on the 14th was the pilot, Jasper Jerrell's, Hue's fiance', leaving Jasper's 17-year-old son the last victim missing.

Wednesday the search was suspended due to weather conditions, and eventually the Coast Guard and FWC suspended their search as a whole. However, Levy County and private companies continued their search as a "group effort". Officials say they will not give up until the family is put at ease.

Family members gathered as the crew brought the plane onto coast and said it is heartbreaking to see. Jasper's cousin, Judy Bason said, "We haven't gave up. Levy County has stuck right in there. We want them to know how much we appreciate them."

Lieutenant Scott Tummond of Levy County said they located the "aircraft in about 12-13 feet of water, approximately 6 1/2 miles South/SE miles of Cedar Key." And while Cedar Key has experienced multiple crashes nearby, he said this incident is incomparable. "The condition of the wreckage is one of the worst I've ever seen.And I had a conversation with the owner of the recovery company and his people are saying this is one of the worst they've ever seen," Tummond said.

Teresa Cooper, Jasper's niece said "In reality we know the longer it takes the harder it is (to locate Jasper's son). But we just have to keep our faith."

The Levy County Sheriff's Office is asking recreational boater for help. If you see anything, please give them a call.

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