Victim of Gainesville liquor store robbery ambush speaks out

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Priyank "Ocean" Raval says it was a routine Sunday night, but police say that routine might have made him a target.

Raval and a coworker at Tail Gator Beverage locked up for the store around 10 p.m. and he walked to his SUV parked in the back.

Video released by Gainesville Police shows a man wearing a black hoodie and gloves was hiding behind Raval's vehicle, waiting on him.

Raval stood inside the driver's side door when the suspect ran around the front of the vehicle, demanded his wallet and struck him in the back of the head with a gun. The suspect ran before police arrived.

"He just came behind me and he pushed me down. I tried to resist but I can't do it and he hit me in the back as you can see in the video," he said.

Police say the suspect could have been a regular considering he was waiting on Raval to come out.

"It's very specific that he went to this vehicle and happened to be there just a few moments before the victim came outside," Gainesville Police Officer Ben Tobias said. "So we don't know if the victim and suspect may know one another, or this person did any type of research to see the pattern of the victim. Our detectives are still trying to determine that."

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Gainesville Police Detective Castor at (352) 393-7681.

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