Video: Florida deputy encounters peaceful, curious bear on roadway

A screen grab from Marion County Sheriff's Office video showing a deputy's peaceful encounter with a bear Sunday.

Marion County Sheriff's deputies never know what they're going to see while on patrol.

Two weeks ago, deputies came across a bare man walking along the road. On Sunday, a bear crossed a deputy's path.

The video, released by the sheriff's office Sunday, shows a black bear crossing the road near the Ocklawaha area. You can hear the deputy tell the bear "Hey, buddy" as they then exchange glances for a moment.

"We realize that recently we posted a video of one of our deputies encountering a 'bare' person, but occasionally, they just encounter bears," the sheriff's office wrote on its Facebook page. "Deputy Remington met this very curious guy after he responded to a call in the Ocklawaha area. (We do prefer bear encounters by the way)."

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