Witness: Dog Thrown from Truck with Trash

Witness: Dog Thrown from Truck with Trash

Smiling, happy, and safe, one year old "Snickers" is at the Lake City Humane Society. However, she wasn't always so lucky.

Lake City resident Kyle Green says he was driving on Gum Swamp Rd. when he looked out his window and saw a shocking sight. Green says, "A man gets out of his truck, and goes and gets her and also a bag of garbage and throws them both out in the woods. Just throws her out with the trash like she's trash."

Green says he stopped in the middle of the road to turn back and confront the man. "I said, did you just throw your dog out along with trash in the woods? And he just rolled his window up and sped off."

Green was able to get the license plate of the truck, and turn it over to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office believes the suspect is Curtis Jones.

Animal Control and the Sheriff's Office stopped by the suspect's house, but were unable to reach him.

However, they did find another dog on the property. Animal control compared the signs of neglect of Snickers to the other dog on the property. One officer explains, "You see what I was telling you about the collar and the rawness on her neck? Yeah, is it too tight you think? No, it's heavy."

Animal control says they will continue to get in contact with Jones.

Jones could be facing charges of animal abandonment.

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