Caregiver accused of beating blind man

Court records say Tina Hatfield, 45, is charged after State Police said she beat an man with some type of blunt object. (West Virginia Regional Jail)

Shane Curtis' support cane has blood spots on it, his legs are cut up, and he has bumps and bruises on his face.

"I walked back in, and she punches me in my privates,” said Shane Curtis, who said his caretaker attacked him.

Curtis said his care taker of 7 years, Tina Hatfield, started punching and hitting him Monday. Curtis said the attack did not end after the first punch. Curtis told troopers Hatfield told him he wasn't going to live to see tomorrow.

"Next time she just started whaling on me with a stick or a board or something,” Curtis added.

Curtis could not see what he was being hit with because he is blind. State troopers said Curtis told them was being hit with a metal broom stick.

"I was kind of in and out, and the next thing I know I was balled up," added Curtis.

Curtis said Hatfield started arguing with him when his friends came down to his house, just outside of Logan, to visit him. Curtis said he has no clue why that set her off, or why she started hitting him.

"I need help, I mean really I do, but it seems like people don't care,” Curtis added.

Curtis said he lost his sight after being shot in 2005. While this attack was going on, Curtis managed to get ahold of a phone, but said he was so shaken up it took him several tries to dial 911. Once he did though he said Hatfield took off.

"Broke my nose, my eyes, my cheeks, swollen everything,” added Curtis.

Troopers found Hatfield hiding in a truck behind Curtis' house. Her bond was set at one million dollars. Curtis said the attack felt like it lasted a life time.

"After two or three you don't remember too much of nothing. You're just trying to get out of dodge,” Curtis added.

Curtis said Hatfield did everything for him around the house, from cleaning and cooking, to helping him shave. He said he is going to have to start learning where stuff is around the house until he can find someone else to help him.

"I don't know what to think or how to think about it,” Curtis added.


West Virginia State Police said a caregiver is charged and being held in jail on $1 million bond after she beat an elderly blind man with a blunt object and left him bloodied and bruised.

Tina Hatfield, 45, is charged with malicious abuse of an incapacitated adult by a caregiver resulting in bodily injury, malicious assault and fleeing on foot, according to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court.

State Police said a trooper responded to a home in Omar to investigate a report of an elderly man being assaulted. A trooper said he found a blind elderly man bloodied and beaten. The complaint said the man had lacerations and bruises on his face and a large amount of blood pouring out his nose and mouth.

The trooper reported he found blood splattered throughout the home and a bent metal broom stick.

State Police said the elderly man said Hatfield came into the home and said he “wouldn’t live to see tomorrow,” and started striking him repeatedly in the head and testicles. The man, who said he tried to cover himself with his arms while he was beaten, was not sure what weapon was used in the attack, but he believed it was a board.

State Police said the trooper searched the elderly man’s property and found Hatfield hiding in the cab of a truck.

The elderly man was transported to Logan Regional Medical Center for treatment. His condition was unavailable.

Hatfield is currently being held in Southwestern Regional Jail.

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