Photos: Giant pig on the lam on Interstate 5

Authorities responded to the scene and corralled the pig. DOT photo.

NEAR FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - It's probably not something you see everyday.

Washington State Patrol responded Saturday morning when a large pig headed to auction jumped from a trailer on Interstate 5 near Federal Way.

Trooper Rick Johnson says the pig made the leap at about 10 a.m.

Before authorities could respond, passers-by stopped and herded the pig through an opening in barriers along the interstate so it wouldn't walk into traffic.

The pig spent some time hanging out near the highway as authorities figured out how to to corral the beast.

Johnson says the pig had some scrapes but otherwise appeared uninjured.

He didn't have an estimate of the pig's weight, but it appeared significantly larger than the people herding it as seen on Washington Department of Transportation cameras along the interstate.

Photos show the pig munching contentedly on grass and watching cars as they pass.

Johnson says the owner returned within about 45 minutes to reclaim the pig, and that no citations were issued.

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